Asia's Payment Gateway

At Xpay, we maintain a high level of security and encryption backed by appropriate privacy procedures, risk management and technical methodology. We currently process Visa & MasterCard.

Xpay provides Online Merchants with the option of acquiring transactions and payment in a number of major currencies.

Our business services allow online merchants companies to access consumers with a bank account, enabling your business to receive money from your customers instantly.

Our system has no associated charge-back costs, yet is flexible enough to quickly and seamlessly integrate into your current process. Direct Debit is used by major companies to access the Asian market safely and securely allowing customers to deposit and for your business to pay-out money to them if required, using the same instant transfer system.

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Xpay is proud to introduce Mobile Prepaid (top-up cards) payment services. These are common mobile phone top-up cards which are easily available at practically everywhere – major news stands, mobile phone shops and third party dealers. With our Mobile Prepaid payment services, your customers can purchase product and services easily by making payments using Mobile Prepaid Cards online without the use of debit or credit cards.

* Services available in selected countries. For details, please write to us.